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Date :

Name of the Participant :

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“It is important to complete this in detail and to be frank in your observations.”

Please rate your level of agreement on whether the learning outcomes for the training were attained.

5* – strongly agree

4* – agree

3* – neither agree nor disagree

2* – disagree

1* – disagree strongly







1. Training content was valuable.

2. The information provided will be useful to me.

3. Training format was effective.

4.Training materials were helpful.

5. The instructor was knowledgeable about the topic.

6. The instructor’s presentation style was effective.

7. Instructor involved participants in learning activities.

8. The room and amenities were conducive to learning (if applicable).

9. The training delivery method was appropriate.

10. What was the most valuable thing you learned and why?

11. What was of least value to you and why?

12. Additional Comments:

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