A 2015 career builder survey of more than 2000 HR professionals revealed that 52% of the employers use social networking sites to research job candidates. Majority of hiring managers’ search for job seekers to have social media accounts on LinkedIn followed by Facebook and Twitter. So if we are not using these forums we will miss the bus to getting the job.

Do you know with the help of Social Media recruiters extract vital information of yours before hiring you?? Yes, you heard it right, social media helps recruiters to analyze the candidates personality, communication skills, background, job history and other non-work time interests which helps them to conclude if your profile matches with what they are looking to fit in with their company culture; it also helps candidates to interact with current and former employees to know about the company its prospects, products and existing and upcoming openings.

Creating good, professional profiles on Social Media Profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ showcasing your strengths and your capabilities to bring to the table for prospective employers, goes a long way in enticing them.

Consistent information about your background and achievements across multiple social media channels will work as an additional Cherry to your Cake!

Also what people speak about you on social media platform reflects on your social behavior and whether you would be able fit in the organization’s environment or not. Stay connected and updated to the relevant social networking site like LinkedIn and showcases your presence with some useful and attractive content to be found out by prospective employers.

Connect with people you think can get you a job through and always look for jobs on company twitter feeds and Facebook pages and your LinkedIn groups to know first hand and apply directly and then follow up consistently.

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