Modern times are driven by mobile technology and more and more people are using it for their Internet searches for their needs, thus creating an opportunity for the companies to tap these potential buyers and enhance their chances of business. Thus the companies which are accessible on mobiles will have an advantage over their competitors. In other words companies with responsive websites have better chances of interaction with the potential customers and to know their search parameters to define their digital marketing strategy.

Responsive web design is easier for Google crawl, indexing and ranking the contents thus making it easier for the customers in their search result. It uses flexible grids, flexible images and CSS media queries to fit the different screens types and patterns of all devices.

Fluid grid has page element sizing in relative units i.e. percentage instead of pixels just like flexible images so that they stay within fixed elements while media queries applies different CSS styles based on specifications of the device to get the fit.

Advantages of Responsive Web Page Design:

  1. Best Optimization of website: Providing users a smarter, faster and effective experience through their web search extends the traffic to it.
  1. Cost effectiveness: Since it uses a single code for multiple devices, its management, support and upgrade are applied to one place only rather than for multiple devices.
  1. Compatibility with multiple devices: The best part is that responsive web design can be accessed across multiple devices and screen sizes thus providing easy to use option to the users. This user- friendly character brings more traffic to a responsive website.
  1. Manageability: It is easier to have one SEO strategy for a website that fits multiple devices rather than having separate strategy for different websites. Besides the same code for Responsive website can work for multiple screens.
  1. Better Traffic to conversion rate: Since responsive website provide a better user experience across multiple devices the chances of it being accessed at any of the devices should the user switch the device, are greatly enhanced and thus increasing the traffic to conversion to sale rate.

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