Sanah Infosolutions Pvt Ltd’s advise for an Online Presence.

The concept to have an online presence for any individual or an enterprise has gone thru a metamorphic change over the very near past with the advent of mobile and social media activities. To decide whether it has been positive or negative depends on what one looks for to achieve. More over it has lots of positive attributes.

Static sites are the thing of the past, as just to have an idle cheap to nominal informational site is almost a waste of “real estate” space on the internet. Statics have morphed over to dynamic sites and portals servicing B2B’s or the B2C’s. Conventional wisdom is that with these expansions and up gradation of needs the technology and creative rendition would become complex!!! Just the opposite.

Over these periods of technological enhancements sites have become more clean with less bells and whistles, navigation has become more manageable, contents are supplemented with actions and each sites is less to the look and more for the business at hand!!!

WE ADVISE to spend less money and “precious time” (which is money too!!!) to construct sites with unnecessary graphics or graphical representations instead have simple, elegant, information based sites with more features of ” call to action”, make it easier and accessible for any client or customer who we assume is short of time and patience. Help them navigate quickly and precisely to the have need or question answered.

Conventional wisdoms to have changed or changing fast among individuals and corporate alike and we believe it still will. We would love to have your thoughts and reactions on how you want this industry to change or react. Or if you need have this discussion extended to avail any of our services give us a free call @ 997.408.5743 or email us Or follow us facebook or twitter or skype or yahoo chat We look forward hearing you.

Our Business might differ, but our expectations match!!!